Why is the Super8 kamera so special?

Ever since Super8 film appeared in the spring of 1965, the world of film making was no longer the same. Film shooting suddenly became available to everyone, which in the 1970s triggered the global trend of parents taking on the role of director. They all shot, and it was a real revolution! That's why the Super8 film always smells of childhood, family gatherings, cottages, seas and lawns.

Due to its unique aesthetics, Super8 film is still used today in the film community for short films, commercials, and music videos. Steven Spielberg once said he owed his career to Super8 cameras.
Even today nothing can be compared to real film, which provides a unique colour experience along with the depth and authenticity of a pre-digital movie.
In recent years, driven by the desire for original and authentic content, artists, film makers and enthusiasts have rediscovered Super8 film and its vintage appeal. Super8 film requires the skill of shooting with analogue cameras - the result is a movie with a truly timeless quality.


In today's digital age film-makers try to produce an imitation of the effects of an analogue movie. Why would you choose it when you can have the real thing?